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Enable or Disable Camera and Microphone in Windows Defender Application Guard for Edge

When Microsoft Edge browser is run in an environment protected by Windows Defender Application Guard, a maximum level of safety can be ensured against malware attacks. As such, you may find users having more options in this environment to control access to different apps. For instance, you can enable/disable the camera and microphone in Windows Defender Application Guard for Edge browser on Windows 10.

Configure Camera & Microphone in Windows Defender Application Guard

Microsoft Edge Application Guard, when enabled creates a new virtualized environment that completely isolates the web browsing session from your computer.

Configure Camera & Microphone in Windows Defender Application Guard

You must be signed in as an administrator to turn on or off allowing the camera and microphone access in Application Guard for Microsoft Edge. There are 2 methods via which you can enable/disable Camera in Microsoft Edge Application Guard.

  1. Using Windows Security
  2. Registry editing

1] Enabling/Disabling Camera in Edge Application Guard via Windows Security

Open Windows Security to view and manage the security and the health of your device.

Then, under ‘Security at a glance’ heading select, ‘App & browser control’ option.

Application Guard

Next, click/tap on the ‘Change Application Guard settings’ link under the Isolated browsing section.

Then, just move the slider of ‘Camera and Microphone’ to ‘Off’ position.

Following this, if you are prompted by UAC, ignore the message and hit the ‘Yes’ button. The action when confirmed will disable the Camera for Microsoft Edge Application Guard. If you would like to enable it simply move the slider to the opposite end.

When done, close Windows Security and restart the computer to apply.

2] Via Registry editing

Press Win + R to open the ‘Run’ dialog box. Type ‘regedit.exe’ and hit ‘Enter’.

In the registry app that opens, navigate to the following address –


Then, right-click in the empty space on the right and choose ‘New’ > ‘Key’ > 32-Bit DWORD value EnableCameraMicrophoneRedirection.

Set its value to 1 to enable the feature. For disabling the same, set the value data to 0.

Finally, exit and restart Windows 10.

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